Created by Emeraldgreeny
 General Information
Full Name Zădune
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Ice
Rarity Uncommon
Species Dried ice
 Battle Info
Catch Points Template:UNK
HP 30
ATK 30
DEF 40
SPD 30
RES 40
< Nea N/A >
Zădune is an Ice type Dayan.

It evolves from Nea when the winter comes and is the final evolution of Nun. Its signature move is Frozen Rage.


Zădune is made out of pure dried ice. Also, its mouth and eyes are made of coal pieces, just like traditional snowmen. The coal pieces on the mouth seem to move like muscles when Zădune is talking. It speaks English and Romanian, but with ideal accent. Again, it is unknown how it does that.


When the winter comes, Neas will launch themselves off the clouds in a magnificent skydive show. It the end, the Neas crew evolve into Zădunes. In the process, they shine so bright it is all seen from the Moon. They all land into the nearest Zădune village. There, they get their welcome hug, and hats, which are made out of the same material as the scarf. The villages are located into the tundras, taigas and mountains.


Move Type Level Scroll
Victory Dance Normal Any No
Frozen Rage Ice Any Yes
Freezing Point Ice Any No
Timidity Normal Any Yes


  • When the new come Zădunes arrive at their villages, they can decide to stay, or wander the world. If a human is lucky, he/she can adopt a Zădune and take it home.


Zădune's name comes from two words (Zăpada/Dune)

  • Zăpada means "snow" in Romanian
  • Dune is an English word


Zădune was designed after a snowman. But the stick arms would look too stereotypical, so they have been changed. They bodies are also slimmer and more athletic. Also. legs have been added.


Nature Variation

Zădune has a natural variation based on color. It can have different colored clothes, like green/blue or purple/red.

Zădune rare

Gender Variation

Zădune has no other gender variations that are currently known.

Alterable Forms

Zădune has no other alterable forms that are currently known.

Rare Variations

Zădune has no other rare variations that are currently known.


None at the moment.