Types are what determines a Dayan's specialty and abilities. Each Dayan has their own types, whether it is monotype or dual-type. Some Dayans may also have extra types.


Dayans with monotypes mean that they have a single type only. These Dayans are much better at the given type rather than dual-type Dayans.


Dayans with dual-types mean that they have two different types. These types are divided into two, which are primary type and secondary type. They specialize both with a ratio of 2:1


Primary types are the Dayan's main type. This is seen as the first type to be shown in its biodata. Dual-type Dayans specialize their primary types more than their secondary type therefore causing much more damage with the said type. Primary types also determines the Dayan's weekness. More moves of primary-types can be learnt compared to secondary-types.


Secondary types is a Dayan's second class type. This is seen as the second type to be shown in its biodata. Dual-type Dayans specialize their secondary types less than their primary type therefore causing slightly less damage with the said type. Secondary types does not effect the Dayan's weekness. Less moves of secondary-types can be learnt compared to primary-types.

Extra TypesEdit

Extra types are types that are not shown physically on a Dayan's biodata. Extra types barely effect the Dayan's specialty or weekness. Only a few moves can be learnt with and extra type. However, every Dayan can learn most simple normal attacks such as tackle or take down.

List Of TypesEdit

There are currently 17 different types. These are:

TypeNormal Normal

TypeFighting Fighting

TypeFlying Flying

TypePoison Poison

TypeGround Ground

TypeRock Rock

TypeBug Bug

TypeMetal Metal

TypeFire Fire

TypeWater Water

TypePlant Plant

TypeElectric Electric

TypePsychic Psychic

TypeIce Ice

TypeDragon Dragon

TypeDark Dark 

Sound-type Sound