Created by GlazeRedwood
 General Information
Full Name Terruff
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Template:UNK
Type(s) Rock
Rarity Rare
Species Template:UNK
 Battle Info
Catch Points Template:UNK
HP 60
ATK 40
DEF 60
SPD 20
RES 60
< Pebbuff N/A >
Terruff is a Rock-type Dayan. It evolves from Pebbuff.


Terruff's name comes from two words (Terr/Uff)

  • Terr - Comes from the word "Terra" which is Latin for "land"
  • Uff - Comes from the word "buff"


Terruff are hard and strong enough to protect themselves, so they tend to roam around high, rocky areas. When night falls, they tend to either go back to their home cave or to cover up into a giant rock, and commonly sleep.


  • Terruff are often used by ancient people as rides for their children or just a safe and easy transportation around rocky hills.

Rare VariationEdit

Terruff has a rare variation based on its colors. Terruff's rare variation has a canyon-like texture.