General Information
Full Name Steetle
List Number BACON!
Version Gen 1
Battling Yes
Type(s) Metal
Rarity Rare
Species Beetle
 Battle Info
Catch Points Med-High
HP V High

High/V High (Rare)

DEF High

Medium/High (Rare)

SPD Low + Parachute capabilities

Medium + Small flight (Rare)

RES High

Steetle is a Monotype metal type Dayan. Unknown evolutions


Steetle's name comes from Steel + Beetle

  • Steel - Metal typing
  • Beetle - What it is


A very stocky and heavy dayan, it is beleived it's ancesters could fly, but as it has become more heavily armored it lost it in trade for VERY resistant skin. However it's leftover wings can still be used to act like a parachute.


  • With enough training, the wings of a steetle can become strong enough to provide lift for relatively short periods of time.

Rare VariationEdit

Steetle has a rare variation based on Skin density. Some are developed with slightly more leatherey skin, doesn't provide the same protection as the ridged skin of most steetles, however it is still very strong, and it doesn't seem to weigh close to as much, allowing for short gliding, well trained ones can fly almost like their ancestors could. 

Enpras Rare

Better varientsEdit

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Steetle for Hypno

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