Repabit is a Dual type Dragon/Ground 

It currently doesn't evolve (although, it may do eventually)

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  • It looks like a multi-headed creature, sprouting from the ground, the base is rooted in the ground, and is almost impossible to move.


    • It lives in areas with  rock, it finds it easier to bury itself into than dirt and simular things, also it is harder to move when in tougher materials.
    • It is a single-minded creature, multiple heads controlled by one another, each of the heads can attack, however the 2 larger ones are more powerful, it is usually agressive, however can be friendly towards family, potentially forming packs.
    • Tales tell of a Repastri that guards extremely valueble treasures, it has been claimed to be in many places, as over years the tale has changed significantly, the real location is un-known.


By LevelEdit

Move Type Level
Bite Normal 1
Crunch Ground 10
Dragon shot Dragon 15

By [[Scroll]

Move Type Level
Move learnt through scroll Move type Minimum level for scroll use
More More I SAY MORE!!!


  • Every head attacks, however each head does a small fraction of the damage it would do, the 2 main heads do 40% damage each, the smaller pair do 25% each.


Repabits name comes from: "repeat" and "bite"

  • Repeat due to it repeatedly attacking with each head
  • Bite coming from it's common method of attacking


Unknown origin.


Alternate pictures.Edit

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