Ravion is a Dual type Fire/Metal Type Dayan

 General Information
Full Name Ravion
List Number N/A
Version Gen 1
Battling Yes
Type(s) Fire/Metal
Rarity Uncommon
Species Clock
 Battle Info
Catch Points  ???
HP 50
ATK 60
DEF 35
SPD 20 (Increases during battle)
RES 35
< ??? Planned >
Rotator δ Cropped


Pick any of the below format, depending on evolution.

  • Evolve = It evolves into ???.

=== Appearance===

  • A disk, almost like a clock, with a domed back and a marking every 45 degrees and the north, south, east and west line are thicker.


  • It is slow to attack, when first sent out it does very little, but once it starts to spin the hand it will fire a fairly powerful laser each time it hits one of the 45 degree angle markings, it does so very slowly, but as it spins it gets faster and faster and eventually after quite a while it can make a near constant barrage of beams that can tear through a brick wall.
    • It lives in flatgrounds, there isn't much reason besides the fact there is not much reason not to, although it does give good clearence to easily fire upon tresspassers
    • It isn't usually aggressive, but it is aggressive if it feels it's territory is bieng invaded especially if there are young there however if people don't seem to pose any threat they can be quite calm.
    • Very old stories tell of a very large Ravion with 2 "hands", terrorising a village, noone knows if it's true, no physical evidence to back it up has been found, however it's size and the possibility of a 2nd "hand" is definitely possible.


By LevelEdit

Move Type Level
Heat beam Fire 10
Tunnel beam Fire 17
Seeker Metal 26
Spin cycle ??? 30

By [[Scroll]

Move Type Level
Move learnt through scroll Move type Minimum level for scroll use
More More I SAY MORE!!!


  • It has a move without a type.


Ravion's name comes from Ravion

  • Rotation - It's primary form of attack.
    Rotator γ Cropped

    Uncommon/Rare varient

  • Ravage - It's destructive capabilities.


A clock like system, thaught of with the intention of some sort of speeding up.

Rotator β Cropped

Other Uncommon/Rare


 ====Uncommon/Rare variation - it isn't rare, but it isn't common. They are created through a high amplification of a specific color.====

Other people made versionsEdit

:D Thanks to everyone :D

Ravion for Hypno