By Fishy
 General Information
Full Name Patapat
List Number #???
Version  ???
Battling Template:UNK
Type(s) Water - Ghost
Rarity Rare
Species Depressing
 Battle Info
Catch Points 62
HP 35
ATK 35
DEF 20
SPD 20
RES 20
< None Patturplop >
Patapat is a dual-type Water/Ghost Dayan. It evolves into Patturplop and finally into Precilumn.


Patapat's name comes from Pata and Pat.

  • Pata - A corruption of patter (referencing to rain pattering on a window)
  • Pat - Another reference to rain pattering on a window


Patapat are nearly always gloomy, and when they're not, they're only in a neutral mood. Light rain also seems to follow them wherever they go. It is considered bad luck to taste/lick the rain whilst a Patapat is around. Some people even believe that when it rains whilst a Patapat is around, the rain is dirty before it even hits the ground.


  • Patapat are sometimes considered manifestations of depression and sadness.

Rare VariationEdit

Patapat has a rare variation based on brightness/saturation. It is a more greyish shade of blue, and has what looks like splatters of dirt on it's head. In reality, however, they are only patches on their skin, like patches on the fur of a dog.

Patapat var