Octograb is a Water/Dark-type Dayan, It evolves from Octosalt and is the final evolution of Squiggly 

Octograb2 Octograbrenewed
Created by HyperKingHesham
 General Information
Full Name Octograb
List Number #???
Version  ???
Battling Yes
Type(s) Water/Dark
Rarity Very Rare
Species Camouflaging Octopus
 Battle Info
Catch Points  ?
HP 70
ATK 60
DEF 60
SPD 55
RES 55
< Octosalt NONE >


HKH VerEdit

Octograb has dark purple-ish skin, its belly is light brown, It has two visible legs and two other non-visible legs behind it, Like its pre-evos Its eyes are closed. It also has a slight blush under them.

Glaze VerEdit

Octograb has a purple skin, it has eight legs instead of four and have 5 salt/diamond like thingies on top of its head, like its pre-evos its red eyes are opened.


Octograbs hunt small fishes and humans when they are extremely hungry, this also causes several countries to hunt Octograbs (which is quite ironic because most of these countries don't allow Squigglies to get hunted)

Several Octograbs teach young Squigglies in "Octograb Schools", They mostly teach them how to be aware of humans and threats.


Attack Type Level Scroll
Water Dome Water Level 38 No
Clip Dark Level 40 No
Black Rain Dark Level 45 No
Octosplash Water Level 37 Yes


  • Octograbs will never hunt dayan or animals bigger than them.


Octosalt's design is based off an Octopus and a Squid


Nature VariationEdit


Gender VariationEdit


Rare VariationEdit