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 General Information
Full Name Morsworm
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Ground
Rarity Uncommon
Species Deathworm Dayan
 Battle Info
Catch Points 40
HP 20
ATK 40
DEF 30
SPD 40
RES 20
< N/A Necroworm >
Morsworm is a Ground-type Dayan.

It evolves into Necroworm when levelled up starting at level 30.


Morsworm has a short, fleshy body which is colored grayish-pink. It has three stripe-like scales running down its body which is colored brown. It has eight legs and a small mouth, but is located right under the body making it hard to see it. It has a relatively small, brown eye which is located in a small hole around it. This makes it look like its eyes are bigger than it should.


Morsworm are sand-dwelling dayan. They move slow on land, only able to move a rock's throw in 1 minute. However, they are very quick when it comes to moving inside sandy terrain, using the its muscles to row the "scales" on its back inside the sand.

Its small eyes doesn't help much in navigating the sandy terrain making it quite useless, especially when inside sand. However, morsworm have extra-sensitive skin and can memorize what it touches, creating a "blueprint" on where it has been. This helps it sence prey and also sence any tracks of predators in the sand.

Although being a ground type, it is said that Morsworm can use light electric-based attacks such as zap. This is quite unusual for a dayan living underground as electricity may flow away from predators. However, studies show that morsworm uses this ability to protect itself when a predator makes contact with it, often stepping on it.


By LevelEdit

Move Type Level
Dig Ground 22
Zap Electric 20
Grounded Ground 25
Sandstorm Ground 27

By ScrollEdit

Move Type Level
Quicksand Ground 23
Extremespeed Normal 25
Grounded Ground 30
Sandblast Ground 32



Morsworm may originate from tales of a small worm that lurks in the desert sand. This worm is said to be able to generate electricity, as some people had reports on camels suddenly dropping dead when navigating the desert terrain.


Morsworm's name comes from two words, mors and worm.

  • Mors - Latin for death, probably combining its English counterpart with worm to result in "deathworm", which is what it is based off.
  • Worm - This refers to morsworm which is obviosly based on a type of worm. However, it can combine with its counterpart's English word to result in "deathworm".


Nature VariationEdit

Morsworm has no other natural variations that are currently known.

Gender VariationEdit

Morsworm has no other gender variation that are currently known.

Alternate FormsEdit

Morsworm has no other alternate forms that are currently known.

Rare VariationEdit

Morsworm has a rare variation based on its color. The scales on morsworm's rare variation much more grayish than its usual pink ones.