By Fishy
 General Information
Full Name Félinata
List Number  ???
Version #???
Battling Template:UNK
Type(s) Ghost
Rarity Uncommon (At night)

Very rare (At day)

Species Template:UNK
 Battle Info
Catch Points Template:UNK
HP 20
ATK 30
DEF 20
SPD 30
RES 20
< None Kokamata >
Félinata is an Ghost-type Dayan that has a 5% chance to evolve into a Kokamata every midnight that it is awake.


Félinata comes from the two words Félin and Nekomata.

  • Félin - French for Feline.
  • Nekomata - What Félinata is inspired by.


Old cats near death may instead become a Félinata instead of passing on. They appear alot more at night than they do at day, and if you spot a Félinata at day, it is believed to be a sign of extreme bad luck coming your way. Very rarely they use illusions to trick travellers into thinking that they're humans.


  • Félinata do not die of old age.

Rare VariationEdit

Félinata has a rare variation based on brightness. It's eyes are brighter, illuminating it's face even more.