Duosig is a dualtype Fire/Ice Dayan with a electric bonus.

NoEvolve = It is not known to evolve into or from any other dayan currently. === Appearance===



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This is a birds-eye view...


  • Two entities controlled by one mind, one brain able to process the sights and thaughts of both sides instantaiously, they are linked, and only have one personality, but they can think and do things seperately, despite their one personallity, it has been shown they can comminicate and make decisions as though it were two.
  • The orange side is fire, the blue is ice, regardless, both sides can use eachothers moves. But to a slightly reduced effect, they also to some extent can create electrical attacks, and they have very powerful and sharp "teeth".
  • In some ancient cultures, if someone was looked at by a Duosig depending on what side it would determine their near future, the orange side would mean good things, the blue would mean bad.


By LevelEdit

Move Type Level


Normal 5
Electric recoil Passive/electric 15
Flamethrower Fire 15
Ice shard Ice 15

By [[Scroll]

Move Type Level



Duosig's name comes from Dual and sight

  • Dual and sight - it sees from 2 perspectives


A picture that initially intended to be cute, I got carried away after the spikes...