Crystult is a Dual type Poison/Electric Dayan. It evolves from Poxpansion if it expands enough.

 General Information
Full Name Crystsult
List Number Template:UNK
Version Gen 1
Battling Yes
Type(s) Poison/Electric
Rarity  !!!
Species Virus
 Battle Info
Catch Points Template:UNK
HP 40
ATK 40
DEF 80
SPD 10
RES 100
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Crystsult's name comes from Crystal and Result Edit

  • Crystal - The fact that as it evolve it crystalised
  • Result - The fact it is the result of large amounts of growth
  • A longer version of it's name is "Crystallised result"


After reaching critical mass, a Poxpanion will collapse all of its growth into a thick shell and it will crystalise, becoming a extremely thick and durable shell, able to resist a lot of damage and under the shell it has a layer of non-crystalised condensed growth which soften the impact from very powerful hits.


  • It is said that if the shell is somehow breached, the condensed growth inside will escape and begin expanding for a second time, and is vastly more dangerous than a normal Poxpansion
  • The millitary have said the best weapon to be used against it would have to be a bunker buster.

Description 2Edit

If the shell is breached, and it begins to expand it is a dangerous sight, with a much thicker growth which can take far more of a beating, it can crystilise to form barriers, and the core itself is far tougher, and with the gaining of electric typing, it can poison AND electricute anything trying to pose a threat.

Rare VariationEdit

Considerably cuter varientsEdit

Crystsult for Hypno

Cuter definitely