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 General Information
Full Name Claypus
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling No
Type(s) Ground/Water
Rarity Uncommon
Species Clay platypus
 Battle Info
Catch Points Template:UNK
HP 35
DEF 30
SPD 14
RES 43
< Mudbill N/A >

Claypus is a dual Ground/Water type Dayan. It evolves from Mudbill.


Claypuses look like typical platypuses, but their skin is actually hardened clay, painted with cyan and turquoise. Their bills, tail and paws are red. The tail and also shorter and wider.


Claypuses usually wonder around in subaquatic dens. They can breathe underwater as well. They eat mud and dirt, which they store in their pot-like bellies, but they also cary their newborn babies in there.


  • A feud started between engineers and ecologists, as the later don't want engineers to use the creatures for caring mud, dirt, debris, etc. in and out of building sites.
  • Similar to zebras and giraffes (and other animals with colorful patterns on their bodies), Claypuses never have similar patterns.


Claypus' name comes from two words (Clay/Platypus).

  • Clay: What Claypus is made out of.
  • Platypus: What it actually is.


It is obviously a mix between a platypus and a clay pot.


Nature Variation

Claypus has no other nature variations that are currently known.

Gender Variation

Claypus has no other gender variations that are currently known.

Alterable Forms

Claypus has no other alterable forms that are currently known.

Rare Variation

Claypus has a rare variation based on color. Mudbill's rare variation changes its skin color to warmer tones.

Claypus rare


None at the moment.