Chiplin is an Ice-type Dayan, It is not known to evolve into any other form.

Created by HyperKingHesham
 General Information
Full Name Chiplin
List Number #???
Version  ???
Battling Template:UNK
Type(s) Ice
Rarity Uncommon
Species Freezing Chipmunk
 Battle Info
Catch Points  ?
HP 60
ATK 60
DEF 55
SPD 55
RES 50
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Chiplin's name comes from Chipmunk and Chaplin

  • Chipmunk - The animal
  • Chaplin - Comes from Charlie Chaplin.


Chiplins usually are hostile against new faces, they will instantly freeze or attack people who they didn't see/befriend before. Female Chiplins obtain "wings" that help them glide when falling from very high places.


  • Chiplins when first catched will always be rebellious.